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Dewalt Power station vs Makita Milwaukee power station | best sinewave inverter powerstation

Check out the comparison between the DeWalt DCB1800 Power Station and our custom sinewave power station powered by DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee batteries. Technically can be powered by set of any two 18v power tool batteries including but not limited to: Bosch, Ryobi, PorterCable, Craftsman, Ridgid, etc etc. Perfect for CPAP machines. Conveniently fits into a Ridgid small Toolbox. The 2000 watt continuous inverter in this video is powered by 36 volt batteries: 2x permanently mounted Milwaukee M18 power adapters (3d printed) 2x permanently mounted Dewalt 20v power adapters (3d printed) 2x removable Makita 18v ADP05 (modified) adapters wired to XT60 connector 1x removable neutrik to 2x Milwaukee m18 power adapters (3d printed) You can connect almost an unlimited amount of battery packs to this system to increase runtime. Also the packs are hot-swappable (assuming you have enough to power your current load). Make sure to use fuses, diodes, proper wiring, and safety. It's small and compact and quiet. It's perfect for trade shows, conferences, tailgating, quick power on the go where needed, emergency response, backup power in case of outage, etc etc. I've been using this setup for over a year and it has served me well. With 2x Milwaukee 12.0s and 2x Dewalt 9.0s I can get whatever I need done that day/session, But with the auxiliary attachable batteries I've gone a few days between charges during Hurricane Michael. Of course your results may vary depending on use case and load. Can easily power a CPAP over night for few nights. If you want to buy the Dewalt PowerStation: Parts list: Pure SineWave inverter: Blocking Diode: Toolbox: Neutrik Speakon Connector (I used it because I had it laying around, but people will say use PowerCon): If you're going to build the pig tail packs, I would buy a short speakon cable, cut it in half and make two pigtails, with something like: XT60 Connector - needs soldering (I would recommend you go with speakon/powercon instead): If you are building one, I would recommend going with the Neutrik speakon connectors are they permanently mount, instead of the XT60 connectors dangling around (safer and better). Fuses holders: - I used the above because I already had them from another project. I would recommend using these barrel fuses instead Terminal blocks: - If I were doing it over I would use blocks with fuse holders: - I would use something like this between the distribution block and the inverter: 3D Printed Mounts (You can print your own, but if you cannot print your own): Milwaukee: Makita: Dewalt: Bosch: Most of the wire used in this video is Southwire 12 AWG, or Audio Amp install Power cable 8AWG. Silicone wire: You can use really any power wire, but I would make sure to use real copper and NOT Copper Clad Aluminum. Also, I wouldn't use anything less than 12 AWG (do not use 14, 16, 18, 22, etc). Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is for informational purposes. I am not instructing you or anyone to go out and build this power station. Actions or Builds done in this video are done in a safe environment with proper safety measure taken in to consideration. If you do go out and attempt to build something similar make sure safety is your number one priority. I will not be responsible for any harm or damage that may come to you, anyone around you, your components, or property by your actions or the results of your actions

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